What a weekend! On Saturday evening I was cruising down the Thames on the luxury river yacht The Silver Sturgeon, and on Sunday evening we had Hampton Court Palace all to ourselves, rubbing shoulders with King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn before dining in splendour in the exquisite Great Hall. The occasion was the annual week-long getaway for members of The Cheesecake Factory’s Presidents Circle: a group of senior executives plus the managers and their partners of the top 10% performing restaurants across the USA, and after a week of touring London I can’t think of a better send-off than a banquet at the exquisitely beautiful Hampton Court Palace.

(For non-US peeps: yes The Cheesecake Factory is the same restaurant featured in The Big Bang Theory, that Penny used to work in. They look great, but we don’t have any over here – yet!)

If you’re planning an event at Hampton Court Palace or any of the hundreds of incredible historic venues around London and you need a documentary photographer with some style and discretion – like me! – you can find out more about my documentary event photography here.