Corporate headshots | London

As a London-based corporate headshot photographer I create fresh new portraits for businesses and entrepreneurs, suitable for use on social media, LinkedIn, company websites, press releases, etc. Whether you need fresh headshots for just a few of your team, or a few dozen, I can shoot in an environmental setting or on neutral backgrounds, whatever suits your brand identity. No need to travel to a studio – wherever you are, I can come to you.

Clients include: Virgin Management • Regents University • Imperial College London • Institute of Global Health Innovation • London School of Economics • KPMG • BBC • Channel 4 • ITV • Thomsons Online Benefits • Newton Prep School • Compass Box Whisky • Intertanko

London Corporate Headshot FAQs

What's the best way to run a corporate headshot session for a full office of staff?

The key to a good corporate headshot session is plenty of planning and an unrushed schedule on the day. My ideal session is up to ten minutes per person. That makes for a lovely relaxed shoot with plenty of time for me to introduce myself, put each person at each, find a comfortable pose, adjust hair and outfit, review their shots on a laptop, and make a selection before leaving. For more info I’ve written a short guide that describes my basic framework for successful business headshot sessions.

Do you have a studio?

My London corporate headshots are shot entirely on location. For office-based headshots all I need is a decent-sized room with space to set up lighting and my camera. I can provide a simple background, but I can also create environmental headshots using your own office or preferred location as a backdrop. Please note, some outdoor locations may require a permit.

How much does a corporate headshot session cost?

Headshot photography fees are composed of a time-based shoot fee, plus a per-person edit fee. Pricing varies depending on how many people I’m shooting, where the session will be, how many options and/or variations you’d like per person (e.g. horizontal/vertical, outfit changes, angle, pose, etc), and how you want to use the photos.

Who chooses the final images?

I’ll typically bring a laptop and ask each person to select their favourite image(s) before they leave the session, then I’ll edit and deliver those images afterwards. If this isn’t practical I’ll provide a gallery of the unedited images afterwards and ask you to select the images you want me to edit.

Is editing included in the corporate headshot fee?

Yes, all quotes include a basic round of editing to correct for exposure, clarity, and colour balance, plus some light re-touching as required, for example to correct shiny skin or minor blemishes. If you need extra re-touching this is charged at an hourly rate starting at £75/hr. I may outsource complex editing to specialists, charged at cost plus an administration fee.

Can we get the raw files to edit ourselves?

Typically I provide edited high resolution JPGs. I can provide the raw files if arranged in advance, for clients who legitimately need to edit in-house – for example, to match a campaign style.

Can we use the images for anything we want?

Just about everything you’d need to use a headshot for is covered, except commercial use. Every quote includes unlimited editorial use on your website, social media profiles, press releases, etc. Use in advertising campaigns or a commercial project aren’t included as most clients don’t need it, but you can upgrade to include it any time.

Do you charge for travel?

For shoots in central and SW London if I can travel light on public transport (i.e. cameras, lenses, simple lighting) travel is included. If I need to drive or take a taxi to carry equipment I charge related expenses such as parking, Congestion Charge, or taxi fees. For shoots outside London I charge a combined fee for travel time and expenses.

Do you do headshot photography sessions outside London?

Absolutely, I’m based in Kingston Upon Thames and I can go pretty much anywhere you need me, charging a combination of travel time and expenses.