Shooting at Kensington Palace, as snapped by a guest on his Leica!

How can I help you take your business further?

According to business coach Dane Sanders, 85% of professional photographers give up in the first two years. I'm still here after 16 years, a financial crash, and a global pandemic, and I want to help you succeed too.

I specialise in events and PR but the workflows have something for everyone. From pricing, budgeting, and business admin through to delivering your shoots on time and in style, I'll walk you through the lessons I've learned (and mistakes I've made) to give you the best chance of turning your passion into a career.

Tailored mentoring

One-to-one sessions over Zoom or in-person, available individually or as a series, suitable for aspiring and professional photographers.

First we'll have a chat to find out all about you, your business, and where you want to improve, then I'll tailor our sessions to your needs. Popular topics include pricing & budgeting, tools & technique, website review, client management, and your shoot-to-delivery workflow.

One-to-one sessions start at £195 individually, with discounts available when you purchase multiple sessions at once.

Sink the Pink at a Proud Embankment event
Sink the Pink at a Proud Embankment event

Online courses

Access to pre-made online lessons to go through at your own pace.

Video and written walkthroughs covering the basics of pricing, budgeting, SEO, business management, and shoot-to-delivery workflows.

In development