Virgin have had me back to be the event photographer for Virgin Stars a few years in a row now and it’s always such a pleasure! After a couple of years hosting it just outside Oxford, this year they went for a Proud Embankment event production, and it was another fantastic party to photograph.

The Virgin Stars party is where every Virgin company nominates one of their workforce as their best of the year – all these Stars and their partners and bosses get invited to the UK for a massive party with memorable experiential features, fantastic food and drink, incredible performances and a party on the dancefloor at the end.

This year the venue lent itself incredibly well to the spectacular performance by LGBTQ+ collective Sink The Pink, who absolutely tore up the scenery along with their trapeze artist who dangled perilously high over the floor at Proud Embankment.

Here’s some of my favourites from the party to enjoy. If you like my style and just happen to be looking for an awards event photographer yourself I’d love to help, just get in touch and tell me all about it. Cheers!