One Marylebone’s such a special venue, set in the heart of London on it’s own little ‘island’ of land. It was built in 1826 as a church but now it’s a stunning venue for all kinds of parties, private and corporate! My last time as a One Marylebone event photographer was for a Game Of Thrones themed party last year, this time it was to photograph Virgin Media’s annual Golden Ticket staff dinner.

Everything usually starts upstairs, with a bar and drinks reception, and with magicians performing closeup magic all night it was just so easy to capture lovely happy people having a great time! This year the magicians were part of a team led by David Redfearn, and once everyone moved downstairs for dinner they carried on performing at tables, before finishing up with a stage performance by David himself.

I got a chance to get some great photographs of DJ Lindsay later on, as well as some stunning shots of One Marylebone itself, before and during the party. I really love getting some time in the venue before everyone arrives to get these shots, it’s nice to have them after all the effort that goes into planning the event.

Here’s some of my favourites from the event – if you like my style and need a One Marylebone event photographer yourself I’d love to help, just get in touch and tell me all about it. Thanks!