London PR Photographer

I create dynamic, story-driven images for London’s top brands and PR agencies, to use across their print and digital marketing channels. I work with all companies great and small to create compelling images that carry their marketing across the national press and their own media channels. Based in London, I can deliver PR and marketing photography anywhere you can take a camera, delivering same-day when required.

Clients include: Peloton | Virgin | Míele | Marks & Spencer | Benriach Whisky | Compass Box Whisky | Liquid PR | Ketchum PR | GribbonBerry PR | Delicious London PR | Merlin Entertainments | BBC | ITV | Channel 4 | Channel 5 | Park Hotels | Imperial College London | Royal Academy of Music | London School of Economics | Institute of Global Health Innovation | Blueshift Coding | Newton Prep Battersea

London PR Photography FAQs

What is a PR photography shoot?

As a UK & London PR photographer I cover pretty much anything that isn't a corporate 'event'. I've covered Richard Branson visiting his London HQ, the PepsiCo CEOs visiting UK suppliers, Tony Blair and the Emir of Qatar touring technology labs at the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Joe Biden meeting with students at Imperial College London, Benriach Whisky hosting Scottish dancers at Waitrose, Virgin Radio launching live from a speeding train... you name it, I can provide dynamic marketing and PR photographs for you to promote it.

How much is a PR photography shoot?

Pricing is typically based on day-rates for the shoot itself, plus a fee for editing and delivery, and finally a licensing fee. Half-days are typically around £750 for most mid-sized companies, including everything except commercial use (e.g. selling photos or using in a product), but let me know what you need and I can provide a detailed quote.

Will we be able to use images how we want? Who owns the copyright?

As standard I own the copyright and provide you with a license for whatever use you need. Standard PR photography use includes unlimited editorial PR use in press releases, brochures, and your digital media platforms (e.g. website & social media). Use in advertising campaigns or a commercial product is typically extra, but you're welcome to add that as and when you need it. You can also purchase the copyright but this can be prohibitively expensive and usually isn't necessary.

Do you charge for travel?

For shoots in central and SW London if I can travel light on public transport (i.e. cameras, lenses, no lighting) travel is included. If I need to drive or take a taxi to carry equipment I charge related expenses such as parking, Congestion Charge, or taxi fees. For shoots outside London I charge a combined fee for travel time and expenses.

Is editing included in the PR photography fee?

All quotes include a basic round of editing to correct for exposure, clarity, and colour balance. If you require any additional editing this is charged at an hourly rate starting at £60/hr. I may outsource complex editing to specialists, charged at cost plus an administration fee.

Can we get the raw files to edit ourselves?

Typically I provide edited high resolution JPGs. I can provide the raw files if arranged in advance, for clients who legitimately need to edit in-house to add visual effects, or to match a campaign style.

Do you do PR photography shoots outside London?

Absolutely, I’m not just a London PR photographer, I can go pretty much anywhere you need me. For travel I charge a fee combining travel time and expenses. If the shoot requires an overnight stay (e.g. 2+ hours outside London and starts very early or finishes very late) I charge a fee combining accommodation at cost and simple per diem expenses.

Do you offer charity / not-for-profit discounts?

I offer a set number of charity discounts a year, and prioritise certain charities I have a personal connection with. If you know your budget is limited let me know what you're working with and I'll see if I can help.