I often work for a fellow photographer to cover shoots on his behalf when he’s not available himself. One of his clients is the property developer Brookfield Properties who developed 99 Bishopsgate, a commercial skyscraper in the City of London. The foyer of 99 Bishopsgate currently (October 2020) plays host to art by Matt Smith, presented by Brookfield Properties and the Crafts Council. The 20 works included range from tapestries to sculptures, made from ceramics, textiles, and found materials.

As described on the 99 Bishopsgate website:

Smith works as a hybrid artist and curator, unpicking the works of established organisations and their points of reference, as well as those of their visitors. Using craft to celebrate and unsettle the mainstream, Matt Smith’s work re-appropriates objects from their original uses to prioves a space for marginalised points of view – often an LGBT cviewpoint – on topics including history and museums to be appreciated. and for alternative, contradictory conclusions to be reached. Craft, with its connotations of the amateur, its associations, with accessibility and gender, and its place with the art world are key to Smith’s practice.

I was commissioned by my colleague to capture the foyer artwork for Brookfield’s records, and I’m proud to share some of my favourites from the shoot.

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