The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has put a stop to pretty much every possible event due to social distancing rules. So that means no parties, conferences, awards nights, anything!

If you’ve booked me for your event photography you’re probably wondering what happens next. Will you lose your booking fee if you cancel or postpone? Will there be any other fees?

I’ve put together this Q&A page to help answer the basics, but of course the best thing to do is drop me a line and we can have a chat about it.

In most cases it’s good news: if I can I’ll move your date, and won’t charge you extra for it. But please do get in touch to get the official answer.

What are the usual terms for cancellation and postponement and do they apply here?

The booking agreement that we signed back when you booked includes standard terms for cancellations and postponements, but I’m treating things a bit differently during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Usually it’s something like this:

  • if a client cancels the booking fee isn’t refundable and normally up to 100% of the balance may be payable if it’s short notice
  • if a client postpones and I’m available for the new date I normally apply all monies paid to the new date, but reserve the right to charge a re-booking fee depending on the circumstances
  • if a client postpones and I’m not available for the new date we usually treat it like a cancellation above

We’re postponing our event due to COVID-19 and we have a confirmed new date.

Great! If I’m available let’s just move everything to the new date, done.

It does need to be within 18 months of the original, and in a few cases I may need to charge any unrecoverable expenses if they haven’t been charged yet.

You won’t have to pay a re-booking fee, or any other cancellation/postponement fees that might normally apply.

However, if the total value of your booking is over £500 I may kindly ask to collect 50% of the balance on the original due date, if it’s possible. The rest will be payable by the new booked date. This helps me keep the business running, thank you so much for your help!

We’re postponing (not cancelling) our event but don’t have a new date yet.

Totally fine, I’ll keep your booking active for now. When you start considering new dates, if you get the opportunity feel free to run them by me for availability. Otherwise, when you have your new date finalised get back in touch and we’ll take it from there.

In the meantime, if the total value of your booking is over £500 I may ask for 50% of the balance, payable on the original balance due date. The rest will be payable by the new event date. Again, thank you so much for your help!

What if we’re completely cancelling, or you’re not available for our new date?

If you’ve set your new date and I’m not available for it, sadly we’ll have to consider it a cancellation, I’m so sorry. Although, I’ll be happy to recommend some excellent photographers I know who may be able to stand in for me!

For cancellations due to COVID-19 there’ll be no cancellation fees beyond the non-refundable fees paid so far plus any unrecoverable expenses like travel and accommodation.

Can we support you in any way during this outbreak?

Thank you so much for asking!

If you’re a brand new client, just sticking with me for your rescheduled event is much appreciated. And if your booking is over £500, paying off 50% of the balance on the original due date will help keep me going.

If you’re an existing client (or you were a guest of a previous client) you’re very welcome to order some gorgeous prints from your existing gallery, and I’m currently offering 30% off with the code HAPPYPRINTS. If you’ve forgotten your gallery link, or it’s currently offline because it expired, just get in touch and I’ll sort you out!

It’s also an excellent time to get round to ordering a custom-designed album of your favourites, and I can sort you out with a nice discount there too, just get in touch for more info.

Remember – if you’re a booked client the best thing to do is get in touch. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!