Working as a London wedding photographer and London event photographer, I meet a lot of entertainers of all kinds, from live bands to MCs to dancers and singers, but I always love it when there’s a magician around. Firstly, because I just love magic, it’s so much fun being gobsmacked by something amazing! And secondly, because it makes my job so much easier when there’s so many wonderfully happy and utterly bemused faces to photograph!

In just the last year alone I’ve bumped into Lee Smith at so many events and parties, and it’s always just an absolute joy to see him (or any of his fellow magicians he works with, and I’ve got some photos of them to come). I know it’s going to be a good night, and a lot of fun. Not only is he one of the most professional people I’ve ever met, let alone had the privilege to work with, but he’s also a blooming decent human being, always got time for a chat, and incredibly supportive not only of the people who works alongside, but especially of the people he’s working for. Lee’s seen it all, and is right there ready to help make everything go perfectly on the day – he’ll even compere your entire wedding day, so with me taking care of your wedding photography and Lee keeping everyone on time, you’re free to just enjoy yourselves – perfect!

Here’s some of my favourites of Lee at work, and you can check out his website here, or his Facebook here. Between the two of us you’ll have an unforgettable day that you’ll be able to relive whenever you like – now that, as they say, really is magic… ;)