Summer is a fantastic time to be a garden party photographer, it’s the perfect combination of everything you need for a great party: the weather is balmy, the light is just perfect especially in the evenings, the cocktails are colourful and potent, and everybody’s in the mood to have some fun!

This summer garden party in Holland Park was to celebrate an anniversary, but you could have a party for any reason at all and I’d love to be there – it could be an engagement or a birthday, or literally “just because” – it’s summer, who needs a reason to invite a load of friends around for a garden party?

I arrived nice and early to find their back garden transformed by the team at Mirage, with a marquee, DJ booth, bar, and barstaff (courtesy of The Bartender) flinging cocktail shakers around with impressive panache.

And those cocktails – wow. I stay away from alcohol when I’m working (well, I might join you for a cheeky one in the last hour or so, when invited!), but these guys made it very hard to resist with a range of bespoke cocktails that looked far too good to leave sitting on the bar – thankfully the guests got stuck in pretty quickly, and I stuck to sparkling water.

My approach was the same as it is for any other wedding, party or event I photograph – simply fit in around everyone like I’m a guest and capture it all in documentary photographs with a touch of my usual style. It was so wonderful to be around friends so happy to see each other, it made my job easy!

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