Giuseppe got in touch with me in spring of 2017, emailing from Italy to ask if I could help him surprise his girlfriend Roberta with a wedding proposal on a London Routemaster Bus while they were visiting the city on holiday. He’d seen my photographs from a similar surprise wedding proposal on a London bus for Richard and Emma last year, and wanted to do something similar. I was so touched to be asked to be part of his plans, of course I said yes!

Giuseppe and I only spoke the bare bones of each other’s language, so the next few weeks of planning were done via email with a lot of help from Google Translate!

First we got the bus company booked – Giuseppe chose the same company Richard had used, London Retro Bus Hire, and they were so helpful, suggesting a route that would take in the key sights of London with time to hop off for a few photos walking around together, and still make it to their dinner reservations at 9pm.

I really loved spending time with Giuseppe and Roberta, and despite the language barrier we got on so well that if the stars align I’ll hopefully make it over to Italy to be their wedding photographer, when they finally set a date! And that’s the best part of my job: meeting lovely new people, and getting to give them something they’ll treasure forever!

UPDATE: Giuseppe and Roberta got married in their home town in Italy in October 2018, and I was there to capture it all! I spent three days with them capturing all the lead-up to the wedding, a surprise serenade the night before, the wedding day itself, and their lunch party the next day.You’ll be able to see my highlights from their wedding on my weddings website soon.

I made some incredible friends in Roberta and Giuseppe, and I can’t wait to see them again! And all because of an email Giuseppe sent me over two years ago. I love my job! :)