Regents University’s 2018 Graduation Ball was held in the stunning grand ballroom at London Hilton Park Lane, and what a fantastic party it was! I was there to capture it all documentary-style, and I had such a fantastic time as their graduation ball photographer getting in amongst all the excitement and entertainment, and I even managed to take some of my favourite images of the year so far.

Every year the event is produced by Zap Enterprises, run by my good friend and close-up magician extraordinaire, Zap. I’ve worked alongside Zap many times in the past, including both the 2016 and 2017 Powerball events, and he really knows how to put on a good show. Along with his team of amazing magicians there were stilt walkers, an incredible band, and an LED light show that really wowed – the pink whirlwind of a dancer wearing an LED outfit is just stunning, definitely my favourite image from the whole evening.

Zap’s approach to entertaining guests is that it’s not about what you say, or even what you do, it’s about how you make people feel, and his brand of close-up magic can literally stop an entire table of guests in their tracks, mouths agape, unable to believe their eyes. He’s really that good.

And of course when everybody’s having such a great time that makes my job even easier, and it was no problem finding him or his colleagues in the crowd – I just listened out for the screams of disbelief and the bursts of applause, always the hallmarks of happy guests and a successful graduation ball!

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