Ask a Londoner, or visiting tourist, or probably even most dinosaur-obsessed kids around the UK, who the UK’s most famous dinosaur is and there’s a very good chance they’ll answer, “DIPPY!”

Dippy is the wonderful replica dinosaur skeleton that came to London in 1905 and has welcomed visitors to London’s Natural History Museum since 1979, with his presence dominating the stunning Hintze Hall as you enter the main doors.

But this very day, January 5th 2017, after almost 40 years impressing and intimidating London’s history fans, Dippy is being all packed up and starting in 2018 he’s going out on the road on a UK tour. How exciting! In his place will be the genuine skeleton of our amazing planet’s largest animal, a blue whale. Can’t wait!

It’s been my privilege to photograph some spectacular events in Hintze Hall over the last few years, so in honour of Dippy’s last day here’s a handful of my favourite photos of him in situ. Enjoy!