I love a good birthday party, and Lama certainly knows how to throw one! I was asked to be the 50th birthday party photographer at the party she was throwing for her husband Jean Jacques at their home in Fulham, and what a party it was! I’ve not seen their home sans party decorations, but it’s fair to say Lama managed to completely transform it into a French-themed extravaganza!

There was a fleet of bartenders throwing cocktails around, French delicacies galore in the form of cheeses and meats (mmmmm cheeeeese! I looove cheese! If you have cheese at your party, I promise I won’t eat all of it…), a snug in the back garden decked out entirely in red velvet, candles dangling from the skylights, cakes and sweets… And all done without any party planners!

But then the guests started arriving, in fancy dress! A 50th birthday party doesn’t need a theme or fancy dress to be a success, but Lama and Jean Jacques’s guests really made the effort. I particularly loved the couple who turned up as French revolutionaries!

And then at the end someone got behind the piano and suddenly the entire party had gathered around for a singalong to the Beatles greatest hits. That just doesn’t happen any more now we have Apple Music and Spotify, but you know what? It ought to happen a lot more. Singalongs are great!

Here’s just some of my favourite photographs from Jean Jacques’s 50th birthday party. If you like my style of event photography and would like to know more about booking me for your own party you can find all the details and get in touch right here.

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