When Sally got in touch to book me as the event photographer for her 50th birthday party at her home in Dulwich she mentioned she’s also a photographer herself. That’s both really encouraging (another photographer likes my work – I must be doing something right!) and also really nerve-wracking (surely another photographer will be super critical of my work?).

Turns out I had nothing to worry about! :)

When I got there Sally was just finishing off decorating her home with plenty of colourful decorations, and pointed out a performance space at the back of the garden for music later in the evening. Sally is a theatrical photographer and everyone seemed to be a performer of some kind! On top of that there were plenty of summer Pimms cocktails, and even a food van from Wanna Pull Catering to serve up finger-lickin’ delicious barbecue food – a BRILLIANT idea, and a big hit with the guests, and the dog!

So I had no reason at all to worry about working for a fellow photographer – everyone was so wonderful and welcomed me into Sally’s home and their party with open arms. I had such a fantastic time with them, fitting in like a guest and snapping candid, unposed moments all evening so Sally will always have a record of how it really felt to be there. After all, who wants to spend their party posing all night?

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