Back in October 2013 I got a call asking if I’d like to come and photograph a Hallowe’en costume party at the client’s home. He told me he puts on a pretty good show and would love a record of it, so of course I said yes!

It turns out that up in a certain corner of North London there’s a healthy amount of neighbourly rivalry when it comes to Hallowe’en decorations. TV and radio presenter Jonathan Ross lives nearby and is well known for his spectacular efforts which bring traffic in the area to a crawl every year, but my client was not to be out-done!

I hope my pictures do it justice, but take it from me that approaching the house was like walking into a theme park, with not one square inch of the front garden or exterior that wasn’t decorated with tombstones, snakes, monsters, ghosts, cobwebs or spooky lights – and inside was no different, with the entire house transformed. Trick-or-Treat-ers young and old arrived to collect their treats from the lady of the house, dressed as a half-zombified witch wielding a huge bucket of goodies, while inside the hired barmen threw together flaming spooky cocktails for the impeccably turned-out guest-list of haunting horrors.

london event photographer halloween house party - Event Photography: a spectacularly spooky Hallowe'en house party

I even got stuck in myself, spending most of the night shooting stills from behind a pretty damn terrifying full-head skeleton mask, although I did take it off to pose for a shot with the hosts towards the end of the evening.

Probably one of the most fun shoots I’ve been on in a while, looking forward to Hallowe’en 2014! You can find out more about my event photography here.

event photographer halloween party 2013 24 - Event Photography: a spectacularly spooky Hallowe'en house party
Me posing with the two terrifying hosts of the party!

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