In April it’s time for the Thomsons Online Benefits annual staff conference and awards, where they look forward to the rest of the year and celebrating the achievements of their staff over the last year.

It’s always a pleasure to photograph the people at Thomsons. It’s a cliché to say “they work hard and play hard”, but it’s true. They seem like a company of people who are aware of each other and recognise each other’s achievements.

Incidentally, at this event I was in very close quarters with people at times, and I felt my D700 DSLR was very off-putting to many, even with the 24-70 on and the battery grip off. When that’s a few inches from your face it feels kind of intrusive, and threatening.

So, after this event I went out and bought myself a Fujifilm X100S; it’s discrete and silent, which should hopefully let me get close to people again at the next event I shoot. You can find out more about my event photography here.

(By the way, it’s awesome, my new favourite camera – I highly recommend it!)

london event photographer mayfair hotel awards 2013 - London Event Photography: corporate conference at the May Fair Hotel