I love to photograph children’s birthday parties – they can be chaotic but there’s always a lot of dramatic moments to capture! For this children’s birthday party in Belgravia we had to reschedule from a larger venue at the last moment, and instead held the party at the family home, but the change of venue didn’t make any difference to the love in the room.

In between unwrapping presents, greeting new arrivals and charming everyone in the room, the birthday girl certainly loved making grabs for all the balloons floating around the room! And towards the end of the session, her parents implored me to help them demolish all the delicious curry they’d ordered for the original party and I was only too happy to tuck in with them, in between catching all those beautiful moments between the star of the show and her adoring family of course! If you like my style of event photography and would like to know more, you can find all the details right here.