London’s Savoy Hotel isn’t just for opulent accommodation and extravagant bashes; it also has a set of smaller rooms that can accommodate a more intimate gathering for drinks and a private dinner. And that’s exactly what Scott Brubacher decided to do to celebrate with a 50th birthday dinner: fly back to his old home in London from his new home in Canada, and invite a dozen or two friends round to the Savoy for some grub!

I arrived early and got to know some of his guests as we awaited the man himself, who quickly needed to be whisked off again to have his bow tie done by someone who knew what they were doing! And of course I made sure we’ve got that moment for posterity. Sorry, Scott. ;)

The events staff at the Savoy are becoming familiar faces to me now and they were very accommodating in letting us arrange for a lovely group shot on the marble stairs inside the second foyer, before the group retired to their room and locked themselves in for dinner and merriment, and I made my goodbyes.

Here’s my collection of favourites from the evening, and you can find out more about my event photography over here.

london event photographer savoy 50th birthday scott - Event Photography: a 50th Birthday Dinner at The Savoy