J & N were celebrating their wedding anniversary in London with a small intimate party for a few dozen close friends and family. It’s not often we’re able to get our nearest and dearest together like that, especially these days, so they were looking for a Noizé event photographer to capture the memories for them. Enter ME, stage left…

Noizé is a lovely intimate restaurant on a corner in Soho, just around the corner from Old Street tube station, with space across two floors to host parties – there was a separate dinner party upstairs while we enjoyed drinks and canapés downstairs.

And I just love small gatherings like this – it means I’m a bit more conspicuous as the stranger with the cameras, but also means there’s an even more friendly conversational vibe. I often end up chatting away to people interested in my cameras or curious how I met my clients (it’s often a recommendation from one of their friends who’ve booked me before, or sometimes they just did a Google search for something like ‘Noizé event photographer’).

Here’s some of my favourite joyful moments from their wedding anniversary party. If you like my style and just happen to need an event photographer yourself I’d love to help, just get in touch and tell me all about it. Cheers!