Last week I was invited by my contact at The London Kitchen to come and photograph the launch party for the London showroom of Örkum Tekstil, a Turkish textiles company known for supplying all kinds of gorgeous material to fashion designers and retailers all over the world. It’s their first London location, a lovely spacious and airy showroom designed by an architect called Ulus Cimen (more pics of the design on an architecture showcase called Archilovers), and tucked away just behind Oxford Street, at 20 Margaret Street. Well worth a visit if you’re in the business, and before the party got going I found plenty of lovely details to spend ages snapping. :)

My mum would have been in heaven to have had the access I did to all their wonderful samples, and indeed I sent her a few choice snaps for her to print out and hang up in her home studio where she makes her award-winning tapestries. I hope you find a few you like too! If you like my work and want photos like these of your own event you can find out more about my London event photography here.