My clients at Peloton UK commissioned me to document the London leg of Peloton On Tour 2023, a premium event for Peloton’s subscribers (aka Leaderboarders) to spend a couple of days meeting, gaming, and partying with some of Peloton’s instructors from around the world. The London visit took place over three days at the Peloton Studios in London, and guests got to meet Alex Toussaint, Ally Love, Becs Gentry, Jermaine Johnson, Ben Alldis, Bradley Rose, Emma Lovewell, Hannah Frankson, Jon Hosking, Joslyn Thompson Rule, Leanne Hainsby, Olivia Amato, Robin Arzón, Sam Yo, and Susie Chan.

if you’re not a Peloton subscriber that might not mean much but for Leaderboarders that’s an utterly star-studded line-up – and it drew subscribers from all over the world for a chance to meet the instructors they spend hours a week with in the Peloton classes.

Here’s a few of my favourites from some of the key events over the three days, including a meet-and-greet session, a Christmas party, a Peloton-themed variation on Family Fortunes (or Family Feud in the USA), a fireside chat with Robin Arzón to celebrate her new book, and a Leaderboard Awards night celebrating some of the brightest stars of the Peloton subscriber community.

And by the way, ‘community’ really is the key word. I’m more of a WaterRower guy (eek, sorry Peloton!!) so my only experience of Peloton classes has been watching a few taking place from over the shoulder of their transmission operators – an experience you can actually have for yourself through the leftmost on-street window of the Peloton London Studio in Covent Garden. But three days with these incredibly passionate and motivational instructors, and the people whose lives they’ve helped improve through the power of positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle, really gave me a new perspective on my own fitness and life goals. The sense of community uplift is overwhelming – nobody is left behind and if you need support it’s there for you, so these awards celebrated the members who’ve stood out in the last year.

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