My mate Tristan Versluis entered the 2013 London SciFi film challenge this year and invited me along to shoot stills on set. On the Saturday morning teams are given a line of dialogue and a prop that they have to get into their film, and an optional plot idea, then have 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and submit their film.

Tristan was directing, with Stuart White on DP duties and Craig Tuohy and Tom Worth producing. There were a bunch of other fantastically skilled people involved as well but rather than accidentally leave someone out I highly recommend you check it out below, or head over to Vimeo – it’s just three (fantastic) minutes – and cast your eye over the credits at the end, where you’ll also see what the requirements were.

My own personal “oh WOW” moment came when one of our heroes crosses what I think is Southwark bridge and there’s an amazing effects shot of a ruined London; that was completed in less than 24 hours – amazing, and you can read more about it from Ken Turner himself on his blog.

As for where we placed… out of around 300ish, we came 13th. We had hoped to place much higher, we really felt like something very cool and special had been created, but hey, it’s just one panel’s opinion, and I’m still incredibly chuffed to have been involved in some small way.

My photos of the action and some of the very awesome people who made it happen follow, and below them is the finished film – I’ve kept spoilers out of the photos, don’t worry…

london unit stills photographer CREEP scifi challenge - Unit Stills: C.R.E.E.P. - London SciFi Film Challenge 2013

C.R.E.E.P from Ascension Productions on Vimeo.