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lightroom 6 standalone upgrade

Select the Upgrade instead of the Full version to get the discounted price

UPDATE, October 18th 2017: Well, we all knew it was coming. Adobe finally killed Lightroom ‘Standalone’. No more perpetual-licence Lightroom, you’re going to need a subscription to Lightroom Classic CC if you want any more new features – or even to use any new cameras with LR, it looks like.

Subscriptions make Adobe more money, more consistently, and there’s billions more people with a smartphone than with a desktop/laptop so it’s easy to see why they’re shifting to 100% subscription-based software, and especially why they’re heavily targeting the smartphone and tablet users of Lightroom CC.

For now, though, Photoshop Lightroom 6 works just fine, and is still available on both Adobe’s website and Amazon, so this post is still relevant. Grab it while you can!

Original post:

You can buy Photoshop Lightroom 6 as a standalone version with no subscription to CC in one of two ways: either purchase an upgrade for your existing earlier version of Lightroom 1-5 at Adobe’s website, or purchase a full copy of Photoshop Lightroom 6 at Amazon (where it’s cheaper than Adobe). Here’s instructions and links for both options!

Buy the full version of Lightroom 6

Click here for the full version of Lightroom 6 at Amazon

If you just want the full product rather than the upgrade, Amazon usually sells Photoshop Lightroom 6 (standalone) for ever so slightly less than sells it. You can choose to purchase either the physical disc version, or a downloaded version. Either way it’s the official product, fully supported by Adobe. To get the cheapest price make sure to switch to either the Mac Download or the PC Download version using the button on Amazon’s product page.

Upgrade to Lightroom 6 from a previous version

Click here to find the very well hidden Lightroom 6 upgrade at

Adobe’s new online shop makes Photoshop Lightroom 6 very hard to find but trust me, it’s definitely there. The link above should take you to the relevant page of their Products page, filtered for Desktop apps, where you should see Photoshop Lightroom 6 listed.

HOWEVER, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work! If the page that loads only has Photoshop Lightroom listed and not Photoshop Lightroom 6, reload the page a couple of times, which often works.

If it doesn’t, just scroll to the very bottom and click ‘View all products‘ in the Adobe website footer. Then click the box that filters for ‘Desktop apps’. Then go through the multiple pages of products until you find Photoshop Lightroom 6. Last time I looked it was page 8.

Found it? EXCELLENT! First, click ‘Buy’. Then to get the Upgrade price click on ‘Full’ and switch it to ‘Upgrade’. Then select the Lightroom version you’re upgrading from and you should get the discounted upgrade price.

How to upgrade the Lightroom CC Demo to Lightroom 6

The Lightroom demo is now only available branded as Lightroom CC, but don’t worry, you can switch the Lightroom CC Demo to a fully licensed Lightroom Standalone. Simply download and use the Lightroom CC demo as normal, ignoring any CC features (such as sync, etc – they won’t be available if you switch to Standalone). Then when you’re ready to switch from the demo to the full Lightroom 6 Standalone, simply follow Adobe’s official instructions, which I’ve copied below:

1. Launch Lightroom and select: Help > Sign Out (YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS)
(Important: When you sign out of Lightroom the Creative Cloud desktop app may open and ask you to sign in again. DO NOT sign in to the Creative Cloud desktop app.)

2. Relaunch Lightroom. Click [Sign In Now]. If you sign in with an Adobe ID that has an active Creative Cloud membership associated with it, you will NOT see the serial # screen as it will activate with your Creative Cloud account. Just head over to the Adobe instructions page where they’ve got more info about mixed licensing situations.

3. Click [License This Software]

4. Enter your serial #, then click [Next].

Note: If you’re upgrading from a prior version, have your prior version serial number handy to enter as part of the activation process. If you’ve lost your box and/or serial number – or can’t remember prior version serial number – sign into your account to view your registered product serial numbers. If you didn’t register your product, but you still have Lightroom installed and licensed, you can retrieve your serial # from the following location:


/Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Lightroom 5.0 Registration

Note: You may need to access hidden user library files in OS X 10.7 or later:


C:\[your user name]\Program Data\Adobe\Lighroom\Lightroom 5.0 Registration
Note: On Windows it will have the extension .LRREG

5. After licensing your software with your serial number, Lightroom 6 will launch!

How to use Dehaze on Lightroom 6 Standalone

One of the ways Adobe makes Lightroom CC more tempting is by withholding feature updates from Lightroom 6 Standalone. They do this by invoking a tax law that prohibits them from adding new features to a sold product *after* the quarter in which it’s released, a rule that doesn’t apply to subscriptions.

Adobe conveniently wasn’t ready to add the ‘Dehaze’ feature until right after the quarter in which they released LR 6 had ended, and therefore LR 6.1 doesn’t include the feature whereas Lightroom CC does.

But if you’d like an easy workaround to get some of the Dehaze functionality in LR 6.1, read on!

I hope this helped you!

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  1. Hi, many thanks for the help on your site, like you I struggled but could not find the solution just got the Adobe error page.

    1. Those darn pesky Adobe people and their Creative Cloud redirection shenanigans! ;) Happy to be of help!

  2. Adobe force us in the UK to the UK site, and adding the LR6 to the cart in the UK site doesn’t provide the upgrade dropdown. Looks like I’ll be sticking with 5.7 for a while then!

    1. Hi Paul, sorry you’re having trouble! I’m in the UK too and used this precise method to get my copy of LR6. I think you just need to make sure you’re logged in, and using the correct region, BEFORE you click the footer link. Simply make sure you’re on the UK Adobe site first, then click the Products link in the footer, next to the ‘Change region’ option. I just double-checked and this definitely works.

      Or, try this link: :)

    1. To be fair, if you have to Google how to buy something, the people selling it aren’t doing a very good job! ;)

  3. Thanks for this, Adobe have great products, but have terrible customer service, spent 5 hours on the phone to them trying to upgrade my companies software once

  4. Thanks for the pointers, I was struggling finding that. Adobe are pushing the CC too hard for my liking. Trouble is they make great software but are moving towards an unappealing business model (IMHO).

    1. I think Creative Cloud is probably a fantastic deal if you want Photoshop too. Or if you can make really great productive use of the cloud features. But if you just need Lightroom it’s not a great deal at all, you end up paying more than twice as much as you would have for just a bi-annual standalone upgrade of LR.

  5. Hi Owen, found the links ok but before I press the buy button what do actually get?. Previously I had CD/DVD to get to LR V4. I loaded onto desktop and laptop ok. Can I still do multiple devices with V6 download?.

    Any info appreciated.



    1. Hey Paul, if you have your serial number for your older versions you can get a bit of a discount when you go through to the cart by selecting Upgrade instead of Full, then selecting the version you’re upgrading from. You’ll need your old serials when you validate your new copy. I have LR6 installed on my iMac and MBP fine. I’m sure you get at least two installs. Maybe more, would have to google that one!

  6. Hi, do you know if you can still get standalone Lr 6? I am following your brilliant instructions but only coming up with Lightroom CC…..
    Thanks for any pointers.

    1. Hi Lucy, you can indeed. Perhaps my links have changed, I’ll check. Are you logged in or out? I’ve just checked this, and when I’m logged out I can get to LR6 standalone this way:
      1 – go to on a desktop or laptop and make sure you’re logged out
      2 – scroll to the very bottom and click on the tiny text in the footer that says Products
      3 – look for Photoshop Lightroom on the list of products and it should be around $149.
      4 – click Buy and it might show you a choice of Standalone and CC, just click through to Buy the Standalone.
      5 – select Full or Upgrade, and buy buy buy :)

      Just tried it (without the actual buying it bit), works here!

  7. I’ve just manage to purchase the upgrade to Version 6 but when I log into my account to download it, it only gives the option of downloading the multiple language version, not the English version that I purchased. Has this happened to anyone else?

    1. I think there only is that version. It doesn’t really matter so long as you have it in English when it loads :)

  8. Thanks for publishing how to get LR6 update. Adobe really do not want people to find it.
    I have no need, Interest, desire, iPhone or tablet to want a CC version. I will be looking for an alternative to LR if Adobe continue with this stupid policy.
    I got the multiple language version too.

  9. Thanks for the info Owen, tried to get this and failed until I read your post, it is downloading as I write this. It works folks, they could’ve made life a little easier to access this (upgrade from 5-6) thanks again

  10. Many Thanks Owen…like others I was almost tearing my hair (what’s left of it!) trying to download the standalone version. I followed your instructions and…Voila!

  11. Will LR6 last for two years? I’ve only recently bought LR5 so don’t know the upgrade timescales. Because LR6 has the raw tethering for my Sony DSC-RX100iv it looks like I’m forced to upgrade at a UK cost equivalent of $91(£59). Now that’s a pain.

    1. Actually LR releases don’t really follow a pattern. I suppose it sort of roughly-ish averages out to about 18-24 months apart, but that doesn’t sound so pithy. ;)

      I take it LR5 didn’t receive any updates adding raw tethering for your camera when LR6 came out? Sometimes legacy versions do get small updates for stuff like that. Otherwise, yeah you’ll need to upgrade if you want something only LR6 has. If you use LR a lot and can handle the new version, the upgrade price for standalone isn’t so bad. If you bought LR5 full price very recently, maybe contact Adobe support and see if there’s anything they can do for you? Worth a shot!

  12. Hi I have downloaded LR6 upgrade no problems they sent me the key separately when I put this in it says cannot verifi this key code contact customer services spent 2 hrs on that the had no idear just messing me around I have a mac with 10.95 and LR5.7 running I needed LR6 for the raw for my lumix camera I wonder if you can help
    best regards Dave

    1. Hi Dave,

      I’m afraid if Adobe don’t understand the problem with your code there’s probably not much I can suggest! But:

      1. Did you buy it from
      2. If so, did you buy at the upgrade price?
      3. If so, did you enter your existing LR5 key in to verify you’re eligible for LR6 upgrade?
      4. And if the answer to all of this is yes so far, have you been asked to verify your LR5 and LR6 codes when installing LR6? That’s how I activated my copy of LR6 when I upgraded.

  13. Cheers for the article, I’d got there myself but damn they make it difficult to get the LR6 upgrade price.

  14. Followed your instructions to the letter, and I am now the happy owner of a standalone (updated from LR5) copy of LR6….now updated to 6.1. The only bit of time wasting was where the update script said it couldn’t find a previously valid serial number on my laptop………which was rubbish as i’d gone all the way through from LR1……. so a quick on-line look at my Adobe purchase records quickly yielded the valid LR5 serial number, and hey ho off we go!
    Great advice…many thanks.

    1. Happy to help! Actually every time I’ve upgraded it’s asked me to fill in all my old serials, even though often the last version was still installed. I think they just do it to make sure – invest in something like 1Password, or even just Evernote, and keep a record of them all! ;)

  15. Thank you for the clear instructions. Just checking, because there is conflicting advice from Leica:

    Can Lightroom 5 supplied with a Leica camera can be upgraded in the same way?

    1. No idea I’m afraid, but there’s one way to check – do you have a serial number for your copy? Before you get to the part where you actually pay for the upgrade, Adobe checks that your serials are valid for your previous full and upgraded versions of Lightroom. Therefore, you’d need a serial number for your copy.

      It may be that the bundle terms Adobe provided to Leica didn’t include a unique serial number per Leica customer; the upgrade pricing may be reserved for purchases directly from Adobe.

  16. Hi I purchased a Lightroom 6 software license from PC World and have the same problem as everyone else, i.e. I only seem to be able to get Lightroom CC on the Adobe site. Will the above link work work for a software download card like the one I have purchased. Surely putting in a redemption code should indicate to Adobe that I have payed upfront and do not want a pay monthly version.Many thanks.

    1. I don’t know, but it sounds to me like you just download the Lightroom CC demo and upgrade it to full Lightroom using your code. The fact it’s a CC demo doesn’t matter. Just a guess though.

  17. Many thanks for this most helpful information. Your procedure works a treat and I can now use my LR 6 standalone OR LR 6 CC as well as same with PS CC & PS standalone.
    I just do not trust Adobe software company & their awful support and treatment of clients. I now have an option to give CC the flick if they up the price.
    Also looking at Capture One

      1. Have had standalone Photoshop since PS3 & purchased Lightroom around the time Adobe introduced subscription CC

  18. Hello
    THANKS so much for publishing link to full copy of Lightroom…. fed up with adobe rip off cloud.

    1. Very welcome, Kokko. There’s only one thing that would make me even consider Adobe CC, and that’s if they guaranteed that if you decide you want out of the subscription trap after a couple of years, and you’ve paid off the price of Lightroom Standalone through your sub payments, they allow you to switch your CC copy to a standalone copy at no extra cost, and only withdraw access to Photoshop (as that’s a much more expensive app).

  19. Hi Owen, do you know if there is an update available? I can only select full version.. (i have LR5.7) the update to 6 is not on option in the drop down menu.. Thanks for answering.

    1. Hi Manuela, thanks for commenting! Let’s see if I can help! I’m not sure what your local Adobe site is showing you but here in the UK when I get to the Products page from the link I posted and scroll down to Lightroom and click ‘Buy’ it presents a short list of options: I want to buy, Platform, Language, Delivery and number of copies.

      At the top of the list where it says: “I want to buy: Full” there should be a triangle next to the word ‘Full’ and when I click the triangle it presents a drop-down menu with ‘Full’ and ‘Upgrade’ as options. I click ‘Upgrade’ and it presents a new option underneath called ‘I own:’ with a list of previous versions of Lightroom. In your case you’d select ‘Lightroom 5.x’.

      If you get this far, the new upgrade price should appear. Click ‘Add to cart’ and when you checkout it will ask for all your previous Lightroom licence keys to confirm you qualify for the upgrade price.

      If you’re definitely not seeing the little triange next to ‘I want to buy: Full’ that allows you to switch to ‘I want to buy: Upgrade’ then first of all I’d try loading the page in a different browser. For example if you’re using Firefox, try Chrome, or vice versa. Also, make sure you’ve not turned off stuff like Javascript support and things, though I’m not sure what difference that would make but you never know! Finally if you still definitely aren’t getting that dropdown triangle next to the word ‘Full’ I would contact Adobe. The upgrade price should definitely be available to you!

      Hope that helps!

  20. I followed your instructions and have successfully downloaded LR6 update.
    Problem is I installed LR5 on a bootable external drive to be able to use on a number of Macs.
    When I choose Update it tells me that LR does not exist.
    Have restarted using both the on board OS and external OS and no joy.
    Any ideas?

    1. Hi Jon, firstly, out of interest why don’t you just install Lightroom directly on each Mac you want to use it on? Also, are you trying to update the Standalone version of LR5 to the Standalone version of LR6, or are you trying to update a ‘Creative Cloud’ version to the Standalone version? I suspect the latter would not work, as the standalone LR6 updater would be looking for standalone LR5 and would consider a CC-LR5 to be a different app.

  21. I wanted to be able to have LR in my pocket so to speak so regardless if I was at home or work I could use it. I also wanted to avoid have in multiple catalogs.
    I downloaded the stand alone version of LR6 to update my current standalone LR5.

    1. Okay, well, assuming you’ve booted from your LR external hard drive, and then downloaded the LR update to that external hard drive, and fired up the update file from the external hard drive, I can’t personally think of any reason at all why it can’t find your copy of LR5 on that external hard drive.

      If, on the other hand, the LR update has been downloaded to your computer’s drive, not the external, and launched from the computer, not the external, that might be an issue?

      Have you got in touch with Adobe to see what they suggest?

  22. There’s some very revealing stuff in all these postings. I’ve long felt that Adobe is not really interested in the amateur photographer except through PSE. They are only interested in the large commercial and professional operations who can claim for bisiness expenses via the income tax route so that CC is simply a drop in the ocean.

  23. Hi Owen

    Thanks for your helpful advice on obtaining a Lightroom 6 downloadable upgrade from Adobe, which I have now done, only to discover that it looks no different from my previous LR v.5.7.1 ! (It has also created a completely separate LR launch icon leaving my previous version alongside, not that this is a problem). I cannot find the new features such as HDR, panorama merge, face recognition, etc that are supposedly in LR6, so what I have I got for my money ? I feel somewhat cheated as Adobe do not make clear that the upgrade version does not include the features found on LR CC, which I do not want.

    Can you shed any light on this please ? Thanks

    1. Hi Val, first of all, are you absolutely sure you’re running LR6 and not LR5? When you launch the app, if it’s LR6 you’ve launched it should say Lightroom 6 on the splash screen, if you have the screen enabled. With the app launched you can also go to the Lightroom menu (on a Mac, anyway) and it should say ‘About Lightroom 6.x.x – the x’s being replaced by whatever point version you are running.

      I am running Lightroom 6.1.1, not the CC version, and Face Recognition is available in Grid view by clicking the ‘face’ icon in the bar at the bottom, next to the ‘sort order’ buttons etc.

      And you can activate HDR by selecting some photos, then going to the Photo menu and selecting Photo Merge, then either HDR or Panorama. Hope this helps!

  24. Hi Owen
    I have version 5.7.1. I want to upgrade but never new how to get the standalone version till I came across your in depth page. Just one thing puzzles me and wonder if you may help. I’m running Windows at present but in April getting a Mac and after speaking to someone on line in the Adobe site who was about as vague as it is finding the single standalone, With a simple yes or no. Can you buy LR6 on Windows and transfer it to Mac when I get one with the same serial number ?

    1. Hi Dave, good question, and I believe the answer is: yes, you’ll have no problem downloading and installing LR6 for Mac using the serial number you received when you bought LR6 for your PC!

  25. Hi Owen, I’m baffled. Today, I purchased the LR6 standalone upgrade (from v5.7.1). I had to sign in to my Adobe account to run the installer, after which it installed OK, requesting my new and old serial numbers. However, the upgrade left LR5 behind and requires me to ‘sign in’ before it will run, ie, it’s clearly not ‘standalone’. Moreover, it’s only v6.0. How can I get v6.1? I get the feeling I must be running Lightroom CC by a different name…

    1. Hi, it does leave 5 behind, correct. Don’t worry about that. It will ask you to sign in but you don’t have to in order to run it. And you need to Check For Updates to get the latest standalone version, probably! Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Bill, many thanks for the reply. I’m afraid there’s no way that LR6 will launch without first signing in. I raised a support case with Adobe and was sent a page link for the LR downloads and updates ( It turns out the installer is identical to that provided with my purchase so, one re-installation on and I’m no further forward. What’s worse is that every time I wish to run LR, I have to first sign in and then enter the licence code. Perhaps I should opt to run as a trial for 30 days and then enter the licence code after expiry? Anyhow, my support case with Adobe continues… I want to install LR6 on my laptop too, but not until I can resolve this issue. It’s driving me nuts!

        1. Hi – It’s Owen by the way… ;)

          Sorry to hear that. I never ever had anything like this, I simply fired up LR6 like I always fired up LR5 and away I went. It does occasionally pop up a Cloud Login and ask me to sign in at the top left once LR6 is running, in order to use Lightroom Mobile features and stuff, but I just cancel that and turn off all ‘Creative Cloud’ elements and get on with using the software offline.

          Hope you get it sorted!

          1. Hi Owen. Sorry about the name-change – Adobe has frazzled my brain! I even tried opening a new Adobe ID today and logging in with that, but it didn’t help either. I await a response from Adobe with baited breath… Keep up the good work!

    1. I wasn’t aware there was a student version in the first place, actually! What is in the student version? Or is it just a discount? If it’s a discount how have you applied for the discount in the past?

      1. There was always a student discount of about 40% in the past but now it seems to only apply to the CC version or the upgrade. The product was the same

  26. I have bought a standalone version of Lightroom 6 which I have been using since September 2015. It is version 6.0. I am wanting to update to version 6.6 but unfortunately have been unsuccessful using the Adobe website. How can I update to the latest version? Is this possible?

    1. Hi! On the Mac I just launch Lightroom, go to the Help menu, select ‘Updates…’ and if there’s an update available it launches the Adobe Application Manager app and I update from there. Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks for the reply. I have already done that and it says my system is up to date. However Lightroom still says it is version 6.0. Perhaps that is because it is the standalone version?

        1. Hmm I’m not sure why your Lightroom says it’s up to date. I have the standalone version of 6.5.1. and when I select Help -> Updates… it launches the Adobe Application Manager and offers to update me to ‘Lightroom CC / 6 Update – June 2016’ which is the latest version. Not sure what the problem is I’m afraid! Where did you get the standalone version from?

          1. I guess you’d be best contacting Adobe support then, hope you get it sorted out!

  27. Hi Owen, I read your instructions, but I don’t get past step 1! I too downloaded Lightroom 5.7.1 30-day trial. Thinking I’d simply buy version 6 outright, I got a CD from Amazon. No mention on their site about 64-bit only. on the trial version, I can use the Library module, but not the Develop module. I don’t have the option to sign out in my Help menu…

    1. Hiya, I’d definitely contact Adobe support over this, afraid I’m a longtime v6 user and don’t know much about using it on a non-64-bit system. Sorry! I did take a moment to go to (my local Amazon) and clicked on ‘See more system requirements’ and it does mention 64-bit is required, maybe your local Amazon didn’t have this section but if you scroll down it should be there as it’s unusual to sell software and not have a link to the full system requirements somewhere

  28. All very helpful Owen. To recap: I can purchase LR 6 upgrade (from 5.X) from Adobe. Install it. Go to updates and download 6.5.X. I’ve read elsewhere that there is an additional cost to upgrade to 6.5.x. No where can I find mention of 6.5.x as a purchasable product. I use a Sony a6300 which required 6.5.x which is the reason for me being careful. Thanks for your help. Much obliged.

    1. I think that you have been misinformed! I’ve never had to pay again to upgrade from a previous point release of any given major version. e.g. 6.1 to 6.2, or 6.x to 6.5. Only ever paid for 5.x to 6.x, or 4.x to 5.x, if you see what I mean. Once you’ve installed an official copy of any given major version of LR, any future updates Adobe releases for that version have always been free. Standalone doesn’t always get the same updates as CC, though. Nothing you can do about that other than start subscribing to CC, but I’ve not felt the need to do that yet.

  29. Hi. Sorry but every link just takes me to an education software page which doesn’t have LR or anything other than CC

    Any ideas?

    1. I’ve checked this, and I’m sorry but every Adobe link I click takes me to a Software & services page, which offers Lightroom Standalone for sale same as it always has… Where are you based, geographically?

  30. Thanks Owen, I found your info on getting LR6 upgrade just what I was looking for.
    Great work. long live Lightroom Standalone

  31. I’ve tried your link to Lightroom standalone to buy. The link does go to an Adobe products page that lists LR 6 to buy for £113 or so but clicking on that takes me straight to CC. I’m in the UK. I want to upgrade from LR 5 on my Mac. I can see that Amazon sell the standalone, presumably on a disc, for a little less than that Adobe price.

    1. Hi, I suspect what you’re doing is clicking on the product name for Photoshop Lightroom, which does indeed take you to the CC page for Lightroom. Don’t do that, click ‘Buy’ on the right. If you don’t see the Buy button then I’m not sure what’s happening for you here, sorry.

      As a test I just clicked one of the links to Adobe in the blog post above, clicked on Buy next to the Lightroom listing, selected the ‘Upgrade’ product, selected the version I was upgrading from, and clicked the Buy button, and it was added to my cart no problem.

      As noted, Amazon doesn’t sell the upgrade, just the full version as either a download or disc, and it can be a tiny bit cheaper than Adobe for the same full version, yep :)

  32. Hi, Owen,
    Thanks a bunch for the wonderful tip. Struggled months ago trying to upgrade and I finally gave up. But with my new XT2 Fujifilm I need the LR6. Thank heavens I came across your site.
    Great site you have, too.

    Anna (California/Bangkok)

  33. I don’t normally post just to say “Me too!” but this was so helpful I have to thank you. I had found the page you link to listing Adobe products but did not realize I should click the “Buy” link to get the upgrade. I had been clicking the title of the Lightroom product instead and going to the page that only allowed me to get CC.

    Given how Adobe is hiding the standalone Lightroom 6, I have a feeling there might never be a standalone LR 7…

    1. Personally, I’d be surprised if they totally got rid of LR Standalone, because some people don’t want to be tied into paying infinitely for new version when the old version works just fine, especially if the new version requires hardware upgrades, but I suppose they don’t make as much money that way. I’ll stick with Standalone for as long as they offer it, but if they do kill it I’ll be forced to switch I suppose.

  34. Hi Owen
    I already have Lt.Rm. 5 on my laptop and want to move to Lt room 6.
    Looks to be a hassle to upgrade .What would happen if I just bought a stand alone version 6 and loaded it as a newcomer to Lightroom?

    Have corrected email address

    1. Hi, upgrading is as easy as buying Lightroom 6 outright if you follow the link to Adobe’s product page above, and considerably cheaper. But if you’d prefer to buy LR 6 outright I expect you can do that, install it, then select your existing LR5 catalog when LR6 launches. I expect it will need to upgrade your catalog to work with LR6 and at that point you probably won’t be able to use LR5 again, but I’m not sure.

      Seriously, just upgrade, it’s not a hassle in any way at all :)

  35. I’m currently running Lightroom 3.6 and don’t want to subscribe to Lightroom CC. Can I upgrade directly to Standalone Lightroom 6, or do I need to buy one of the in-between versions first?

    1. I believe you can upgrade from any version so long as you have a valid licence number for your existing version but if you click through to the Adobe page and find the upgrade, you can see for yourself :)

  36. Barrie Wyld
    Thank you for your reply. I shall give it a try with renewed confidence !
    My idea sounds like asking for more trouble than an upgrade.

    1. No problem, you can do it, I’m sure of it! ;) Just be sure to click the BUY button and switch it to UPGRADE and choose the version you’re upgrading from :)

  37. Hi again!
    Have bought an upgrade from 5 to 6 which parked itself on desk top in Adobe file alongside Lt Rm 5. When I press open ,There is a bunch of options, none of which opens up anything recognisable. I expected a hassle and I was right . Any ideas Owen?

    1. None, I’m afraid, as when I upgraded from LR5, which itself was an upgrade from LR4, I didn’t expect a hassle and I didn’t get one… ;) Sorry I can’t be of more help, but the description of the issue doesn’t give me much to go on – what are the options it presents, and does LR6 itself launch, or some other Adobe app?

      I’d suggest contacting Adobe if you can’t work it out, or alternatively you could Google for the wording or options that you don’t understand, maybe others have had the same difficulty. Either way, I hope you overcome your LR6 problems!

  38. Hi,
    Lightroom6ReadMe and finally Set-up
    LR6 itself does not launch.

    1. Hmm. Sounds like PC version? I’m on a Mac and all I remember doing is downloading LR6 itself and pointing it at my LR5 catalogs. What did you actually download? Also I don’t know PCs much but are you using an up to date operating system?

  39. Thank you for your patience. It’s not your problem .I shall get on to Adobe Help If I can and see what they suggest. Thanks again!

    1. No problem Ellen! Yep, Amazon and Adobe both still sell standalone Lightroom 6, and Adobe still sells the standalone Lightroom 6 upgrade as well :)

  40. Hi there , can you help please I`ve tried and tried to get some sense from Adobe but no luck yet !!!……. I bought LR6 from Abode today as an upgrade to my LR5 but because I didn’t register the LR5 I can`t complete the upgrade !!!. I have the card with the serial number on and tried to register it but I am getting no where fast ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,please help. Regards Sean.

    1. Hi Sean, sorry you’re having trouble but as I’m not official support for Adobe I won’t be able to help with a registration problem. If you purchased LR5 legally I would think Adobe should be able to help when they eventually get back to you. Good luck! Sorry I can’t be more help.

  41. Hi Owen. It looks like you can no longer buy Lightroom 6 from the Adobe website, in either full or upgrade form. I would guess that they’ve quietly dropped it in an attempt to push everyone to CC. I was looking to upgrade from LR4, so I think I’ll be switching to DxO Optics Pro. I’m not paying for any software on a monthly lease.

    1. Hi Richie. Lightroom 6 is still available as a standalone app, you just have to go through several pages of other Adobe products to find it, and you’ll also need to filter for just desktop apps. Right now it’s on page 8, listed as Photoshop Lightroom 6. Happy to click through pages of Adobe products for ya, all part of the service! ;)

  42. Hi Owen. Haha, thanks for the tip! Seems that the links in Adobe’s own docs re Lightroom 6 standalone are broken. Searching for Lightroom 6 on their home page doesn’t find it either. They really are doing their best to hide it in favour of the CC version. Glad to know that it’s still available as an upgrade as well.


    1. Yeah it’s well hidden. By default Adobe’s redesigned Products Page shows just two pages of products, and oddly enough they’re just the CC versions… If you select to filter by ‘desktop apps’ all of a sudden there’s about 10 pages of products, and Photoshop Lightroom 6 is hidden a long way down the list. And yes, it also doesn’t seem to show up when you search. Long live Lightroom 6 standalone!

  43. Fantastic, thanks! I never would have found it and upgraded to Lightroom 6 had you not written this page.

  44. Took me about 8 goes to find the correct “Lightroom” panel before I got the full/upgrade option but it is downloading as I type. Many thanks for this information – much appreciated.

  45. Hi Owen. Thanks for your great work to find the LR 6.0 stuff.
    I have bought a used Mac, with LR 5.7 already installed (so I actually have not paid for it). So I want to download the full version at full price, BUT can I be sure that the new LR will recognize my previous photos and Collections?
    Best from Kurt

    1. Hey Kurt, you’re welcome! I don’t see any reason why not. I can export a catalog and email or Dropbox it to a friend to work on using their own copy of LR, then when they’ve done they can send that edited catalog back to me and I can re-import it to my own installation of LR. We’d need to be using the same major version, of course, but other than that yeah, it’s fine.

      Once you’ve installed LR6, when you launch it you’ll be asked to load an existing catalog or create a new one. Just load up your 5.7 catalog and it will ask you if you want to update it for use with LR6. At that point there’s no going back to 5.7, so if you want to be extra double super careful you might want to back up your 5.7 catalogs to an external hard drive or something first, but I really don’t think it’ll be a problem. Enjoy LR6!

  46. Hi Owen.

    Wow, thanks you are quick on your reply button. 😃

    Adobe could learn a lot from you, I spent 30 minutes on the phone just clicking “press nine for this, press two for that” and so on, I was running in circles….)
    I also with no luck tried to e mail them… Strange company! I just love LR and am used to use it, otherwise I´d go other routes…

    So you think I could actually download the Trial version, load my Collections (we have 700+ pics of our 12 month son, that´s why I am so picky on getting all my collections (with edits and stuff) with me)? And also bcs I just bought a Nikon D3400 that makes RAW pics, and my old LR 5.7 doesn’t´t cope with this camera…

    So I´ll keep my fingers crossed (and my legs wide open as a (female and funny) UK friend often says LOL)

    Again THANKS Owen

    1. Well I’m sitting here making new marketing materials and surfing the web and get an email when someone comments… ;)

      Adobe are huge, I guess, and also it’s really not in their interest to promote LR6 when their future depends on subscription-based software. I really hope there’s an LR7 one day, I suspect it might be the end of the line for standalone LR soon. Sad!

      You could download the CC trial to check it all works, but like I say it’ll want to convert your 5.7 catalog to work with the latest version of LR, so make a backup first just in case. Also, the trial will run out eventually, although I believe you can still upgrade it to standalone LR6.

  47. Hi Owen

    Thanks again, I will get the full paid version then.

    Is it enough to make a backup from LR when LR quits?


    1. Ummm, not sure. I think it’s safer to just find the catalog folder on your Mac and duplicate it. Sounds like you’re not making actual backups of your hard drive though? If not, PLEASE START. RIGHT NOW. Honestly, can’t emphasise enough how important it is to backup your computer, ideally to an external drive and then somewhere else like a cloud backup service like Backblaze. Check ’em out, here’s my affiliate link that gets us free stuff:

  48. Found it (I think)

    When in LR I highlight all my Collections, and then under File I find Export as Catalog, right? Takes some time, but I can now see that it copies all my collections and pics to my external drive

    1. Yes you can export a whole new copy of the catalog, that’s roughly the same thing really. Sort out backups for your whole computer though! :)

  49. Hi Owen

    I cannot find the Catalog Folder, only the one inside LR, and that took a whole night to copy, and stopped halfway

    best Kurt

    1. You may be duplicating the wrong folder… To be honest I think it’s more important that you set up proper backups of your entire computer on a regular basis, then you’d have everything already sorted for a situation like this :) I would just go ahead and update to Lightroom 6/CC, whichever you fancy, as you’re going to need it to use the raw capability of your new camera. LR will update your catalog and it’ll all be fine.

      But don’t hold me to that if anything unexpected happens! :P

  50. Owen, I get the paid version, DL it and succesfully installed. All my pics and edits and collections did appear., NICE: But I cannot see my RAW files from my new Nikond3400. It seems that I have only got the LR 6.0 and the new 6.7 which is needed for the D3400 plugin. Or am I again missing something?
    best Kurt

  51. Thanks buddy, that does not work either. From the Help menu they only point me to the Creative Cloud stuff,, which is what I do NOT want.
    And on your link I cannot find an update from 6.0 (which I just downloadet yesterday, and works ok) to 6.7
    And when I install the latest DNG converter from Adobes site, I still cannot see my RAW files.
    This is the most stupid software I have ever tried. I want to cancel what I bought yesterday, and find some simple software that works. BUT hey Adobe does not provide any e mail address so I can write them. Trying to call them on the phone I was running in circles, no person to speak to… This is a major f…up, dear Adobe. Goodbye forever!

    1. Well, it works for me! Also, I clicked that link, then clicked ‘Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6’ under ‘Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’ and I’m looking at a download link for every single version of 6 right now. Look again…

      Also you may as well download the latest version which is 6.12.

  52. Thank you Owen. I used to have the same problem as Kurt Larsen. But then I VPN to US to click the Buy button, it works! Hope this is useful for folks who come here and have to same problem.

    1. When I go to the US site it asks me if I want to go to the UK site. Your mileage may vary, there should be a region switching button somewhere on the page.

  53. Finally, I found a solution. Change the region at the bottom of the catalog page to africa-english, then the buy button will point to different url, and it actually works now!

  54. Owen, you just did the trick.

    Adobe, a worldwide big name company can not help us users to find their stuff. But YOU can

    Owen you are the best, tank you so much. 😃

    all the best from Kurt

  55. Ah, one more question from here:

    Earlier on I had transferred my Collections in LR5.7 from intern to an external Thunderboard disc by just dragging them into the new place within LR.

    It seems that I cannot do that any more (now 6.12). My external disc is the same as before (so is my Mac), and they are both read/write enabled.

    Best Kurt

  56. I now THINK that I can copy ALL my pics from internal to external disc within LR, and the Collections sees them, just from a different (ThunderBOLT) disc. 😃

  57. Hi Owen, I read this thread and used it to upgrade my LR 5.7 (having just purchased a new Canon 5D IV and discovered I couldn’t upload the images from CF card in my new camera!). I paid £113 for stand-alone LR6 which was immediately taken out of my account and clicked on the download button. It said my payment was still being processed and to come back later. Was busy working so didn’t try until next day. Download button no longer there and couldn’t download so started to panic! Absolutely no easy way to email or ring Adobe so had to go through their online ‘chat to an adviser’ option! They sent me a link which i was suspicious about and I asked to be able to download via my Adobe a/c. Didn’t happen! Anyway downloaded via the link as could see my purchase and serial number in my on-line Adobe account (but no download option!). I have just installed LR6, watched it load and complete. Feeling excited, finally went to upload images from a wedding I took last Saturday (desperate to get on and do the blog!) and my catalogue still says LR 5.7! Checked for updates and downloaded some updates (and it said for LR6) but it’s not upgrading itself. Would you have any idea what I’m doing wrong please?! It’s been a horrible, unpleasant and stressful experience so far with Adobe. Their customer service is dire!

    1. Sorry to hear all that, but sadly I don’t really know what to suggest!

      First thing I would say, though, is why did you buy a whole new version of LR6 when you could have paid less to simply purchase an upgrade from 5.7 to 6 on the Adobe website?

      Regarding your catalog saying it’s LR 5.7, where are you seeing that? I only see the version of LR I’m running, I don’t see anything that says what version of catalog I’m running. And it shouldn’t be possible to run a catalog from a previous version of LR without it updating itself. So, I’m confused, it sounds like you’ve got both LR5 and LR6 installed on your system and that perhaps you launched the app by clicking an LR5 catalog, which will have launched the older LR5 instead of LR6. But I’m just guessing. I don’t really do Adobe support… ;)

      All I can suggest is, make sure you’re launching your LR 6 application, and when you launch it hold down the Option key (I think it might be Ctrl on a PC) and it should ask what Catalog you want to open. Load the catalog you want and if it was last used with a previous version of LR then LR6 should ask if you want to upgrade it to work with LR6.

      By the way, make sure you have backups of your Catalogs before you upgrade them. Just in case :)

  58. dear owen,

    I tried to buy adobe lightroom 6 from MENA(Middle east) region adobe website but it redirects to Creative cloud subscription only. I followed your steps but no luck.

    If I buy from other region online retailers, is that any issues in activating the product or i should have US billing address and phone for activation.

    Looking for your advise.

    1. Hi, I went to the Adobe site, switched the region to MENA and followed my instructions to scroll to the bottom, select ‘View all products’, filter for desktop apps and click through the pages until I found Photoshop Lightroom 6 – it’s definitely there. Here’s a direct link: – if Adobe redirect you again, simply do what I described in this comment. Hope that helps!

  59. Great info, thanks! I wondered if LR6 works with OS 10.9.5 — I read the specs that it does but I’m still not sure. I can update to 10.10 if I must, but any further than that I will have to really worry about all my other software working. I’m concerned that I won’t be able update LR6 to 6.12 and use the latest ACR 10. Do you think I’ll be able to? I went thru researching this all a few months ago when I wanted to buy a new camera, and thought I could find no option to upgrade a standalone LR or use the converter, which required OS 10.11 I think. Anyway, revisiting it now, I see I may have this option to use LR6 standalone without having to change much of my OS. What do you think? Many thanks!

    1. Hi, If you read in the official Adobe software requirements that it DOES work with 10.9.5 why would you not believe them? :)

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