I was commissioned by Canary Wharf Group to photograph Wharf Talks, their new series of fireside chat events at East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf. The series kicked off with Steven Bartlett in a live Q&A with Isabel Berwick of The Financial Times to discuss the future of workplace culture.

Introduced by Canary Wharf Group CEO Shobi Khan, and sponsored by The Felix Project, whose CEO Charlotte Hill closed the event with a final word, it was an hour of absolutely fascinating insight and straight-talking from Steven. It’s not always possible for me to pay attention to what’s being said on stage as I’m busy looking for the best angles to shoot, but over the course of the hour I took a few breaks to really listen to what he had to say.

I couldn’t possibly sum it all up, but amongst the many, many things I found truth and resonance in were his thoughts on how to determine if it might be time to quit your job (or your relationship!), how happiness is defined differently for everyone, and the power of vulnerability and honesty in fostering real meaningful connections in business and life in general.

But one final thought that really spoke to me was drawn out by an audience question: that Steven’s learned from his many podcast guests that no matter who we are and what we’re struggling with or celebrating, we’re all very similar inside with the same fears and doubts. And that understanding this can bring its own peace. Couldn’t agree more.

One last thing – so often after these sorts of events when it’s over the guests leave the stage and that’s it. It’s absolutely no surprise at all that Steven stuck around by the side of the stage for at least 15 minutes afterwards taking more questions – and selfies – with the audience. He’s just that open, interested, and committed.

Here’s a few of my favourite photographs from the event to enjoy. If you like what you see and would like me to shoot your own corporate event you can find more info here, and then get in touch for a quote here.