I photograph dozens of corporate conferences a year in London, covering a huge range of topics from genomics to insurance. Sometimes the topic is something I’m keenly interested in myself and that was the case when I was commissioned to cover Techsure 2019 for my regular client Travelers insurance.

The event was held at The Steel Yard in central London, set in the railway arches near in All Hallows Lane. It’s a fantastically atmospheric location and well suited to its double duty as a nightclub and a bespoke event venue. The over-arching topic for the conference was tech security and cyber crime, so to a geek like me it was very fascinating! Stand-out speakers for me were Lord Jonathan Evans, once the head of MI5, who spoke about the emergence of cyber crime and how it’s being combatted around the world; and Cal Leeming, once a prolific and ‘most wanted’ hacker at the tender age of 10, now an in-demand cyber crime prevention consultant.

Here’s some of my favourite event photos from the conference. If you like my work and you’re looking for a conference photographer or event photographer yourself you can find all the details and get in touch right here.