Pixel (2011 – IMDb link) is a short film written and directed by Tristan Versluis. Starring Charlotte Hunter, Mat Laroche and Keeley Dean.

This was the first film I worked on with Tristan, and his regular director of photographer, Stuart White. I saw an ad on Shooting People for a camera assistant so I emailed and asked if they wanted any stills and it turns out they did.

Pixel was shot in 2007 but due to all the CGI work it needed to produce the thousands of tiny beetles that attack Mat Laroche it wasn’t until a private screening at the Curzon in 2011 that I saw it for the first time. Everyone that worked on it produced a small piece in their spare time when not working on big budget stuff at their day job, but the four years were worth it!

london unit stills photographer pixel tristan versluis - Unit Stills: Pixel (2011)