I was commissioned by the PR company for PepsiCo in the UK to provide documentary PR photography of Ramon Laguarta and Silviu Popovici, the global and European PepsiCo CEOs, visiting Lodge Farm in SW England. Lodge Farm provides potatoes for PepsiCo’s potato crisps.

The brief was to cover the event as unobtrusively as possible, except for a group shot during the tour of the facilities. Images would be mainly used in-house to help keep employees around the world in-the-loop.

I arrived around 90 minutes before Laguarta and Popovici were due, to capture some scene-setting shots of the farm staff in action as crates of potatoes move through the process, including washing, sorting, and despatching to factories to be made into crisps.

Then during the visit I looked for warm, friendly moments as the guests arrived, and accompanied the group on their tour of the farm, interrupting just once after a demo to arrange a requested group shot.

Documentary-style PR photography is my speciality, and I use small, quiet cameras to help me stay close and remain discrete. Wide lenses help me stay close and capture everything around me, to give the intimate, engaging feeling of being right there in the moment. And then long lenses help compress scenes to create a dynamic, cinematic effect for ‘walking and talking’ shots.

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