Producing PR photography in London takes me all over the place, from the heights of the Shard all the way down to the astroturf of a school football pitch. And indeed that’s where I was earlier this year for two London school photographer sessions in a prep school in Battersea, creating new images for all their marketing materials.

For these sessions we booked two half-day shoots, during which I was accompanied by someone from their communications team and their graphic design team, as we raced around the school from class to class capturing daily life as candidly as possible.

Having someone from communications and graphic design with me was really helpful as after each class we could check the shots and make sure everyone was happy before moving on, and they were able to identify framing that works best for how they use the images and ensure I captured more of those in the next class.

Images are then used across all their media channels, all year round. I’ve seen my work in their new prospectus for parents, their event programmes (including concerts and sports days), their website, press releases, and pretty much every other printed material they create for their pupils and parents alike.

Here’s just a selection from my two sessions at the school, covering everything from playtime and PE, to science and drama. If you’re looking for a London school photographer and like my style of work I’d love to hear from you.