All your favourite photos within reach

Every event package I offer includes a full set of digitals to download and backup, but some celebrations deserve something more special. With a book all your favourites are collected together in a custom layout I’ll design especially for you, giving you a long-lasting physical memento that’s a lot more pleasurable to enjoy than sitting at a computer, plus you’re likely to relive your memories much more often that way too.

All about the books

My hardback books come in 8×8 and 10×10, with pages of heavyweight art white paper that lay flat for seamless double-page spreads. They’re bound in your choice of standard hardback or faux leather, and you can even upgrade the faux-leather cover to have your choice of title engraved or UV-printed.

Books start with 10 spreads as standard (20 pages) which is room for up to 50 photos, although for the 8×8 I recommend choosing slightly fewer as they can appear quite small on the page otherwise.

Most people like to have lots more photos in their books and that’s no problem! We can add more spreads up to a maximum of 40 (80 pages, for a up to 200 photos).

Designing your book

You can easily choose the photos you want to include from your gallery, and send me the list when you’re all done. Then I’ll create a first draft design and you’ll get to view it online and ask for changes so we can get it just right in the second draft.

After the second draft if you’d like to make more changes there’s a small fee for the additional design sessions, but most people are very happy with the first or second draft!


All books receive 20% off (in brackets below) when you include them in your booked package, or add them before your shoot date.

Base prices include: the first two draft design sessions, UK courier delivery, ten spreads of 230gsm matt art paper (expandable up to 40 spreads); an imagewrap hardback or faux-leather cover; and a black cloth bag.

* Discounted duplicates available in the same size or smaller, only when ordered with your main book.

Custom 8×8

Original book | from £235 (£188)
Extra spreads | £10 each (£8)
Duplicate books | 10% off *

Custom 10×10

Original book | from £285 (£228)
Extra spreads | £10 each (£8)
Duplicate books | 10% off *


Leatherette engraved cover | £35 (£28)
Design sessions (after 2nd draft) | £35

Frequently asked questions

Books start with ten spreads (20 pages) up to forty spreads (80 pages). I design with an average of five photos per spread, so you can have up to 50 photos in the shortest book, and up to 200 photos in the longest.

You’ll be able to select favourites easily in your gallery. They’re saved to a Favourites tab at the top of the screen and when you’re done you simply email me the list. If you’ve chosen more images than originally paid for that’s no problem, I’ll simply invoice you for the extra pages required – including any discount in your original order.

Yes, you get one round of like-for-like changes included in the price – this means simple changes swapping horizontal for horizontal, or vertical for vertical. Beyond this, additional drafts and more complex first-round changes (such as adding several more photos to an existing design, or completely reshuffling the design of several pages) are £35 per draft (not eligible for a package discount).

Both sizes look and feel great, although personally I prefer the 10×10.

Bear in mind that with the 8×8 sometimes photos will be smaller than 6×4 on the page, especially if I have to fit more than five into a spread. For example, I might showcase just two or three stand-out images on a couple of spreads, meaning I have to fit six to eight images into a couple of other spreads.

There’s a wide choice of colours available, which I can send over for you to choose from prior to sending the design to the lab. Faux-leather covers don’t have any text as standard, so you can upgrade to include engraved or UV printed text.

Engraved text is in Bodoni. For UV printing, if I’m preparing the design myself you can have two lines of text and your choice of freely available fonts. If you’d like anything more complex you’re welcome to provide the finished design yourself, in 300ppi resolution.

I offer a simple linen texture background for hardback covers, with two lines of text front and centre, and on the spine. I use Georgia or Bodoni for the cover text.

You can also request a colour for the background, and you’ll be able to preview it with the first draft when it’s ready.

If you’d like a custom hardback cover let me know what you want and depending on the complexity there may be an additional charge of £20 (not eligible for package discount).

Prices are all listed above, and if you order the book in your package or before your event date you’ll get the 20% discount shown. There’s a further 10% discount on duplicate books, so long as they’re the same size or smaller. If you order a duplicate after your original has already been submitted to the lab for printing there’s an additional £10.95 charge for delivery.