Feral (2009 – IMDb link) is a short film written and directed by Ryan Haysom, who went on to create the Giallo-inspired horror short ‘Yellow’. The film stars Jake Maskall and Valmike Rampersad as a pair of city boys out on a hike who discover a man and woman (Sean Turner and Axelle Carolyn) struggling over a knife. Guns are drawn and it all goes horribly wrong, as it usually does in a Ryan Haysom film.

This was my first film working with Ryan and his favourite DOP, Jon Britt. I took photos for him on a few other shorts he went on to make, all of which were suitably messed up in their own way (zombies, stalkers, that sort of thing!) before he headed off to Berlin to make ‘Yellow’, which was successfully part-crowd-funded via Sponsume. He’s one to watch out for.

london unit stills photographer ryan haysom feral - Feral (2009)