Back in 2015 I had the pleasure of photographing Tina and Shervin’s Persian wedding ceremony at Richmond House Hotel in Richmond, SW London, so I was very pleased to hear from them again a couple of years later, and even more so when they told me they’d recently become parents!

For this little shoot we spent an afternoon in their apartment in Putney, just the three of us hanging out with their gorgeous little boy. He was just waking up from a little nap, and looked so cosy snuggled up on the sheepskin rug I almost felt bad when he started to open his eyes and look around with some bewilderment at all the attention he’d been getting in his sleep!

When I’m shooting family portraits I really do love the candid approach if possible – hanging out around your home just living your lives while I work away in the background catching your real life as it happens – but I’m happy to make some posed shots too. Of course, we can’t always make the little ones look our way or do anything so convenient as smile on cue, and the harder we try the more likely they are to look the other way or dribble!

But y’know I think that’s half the fun and wonder of family portraits, at least the ones I’d want myself anyway. I’d much rather capture who you are and how you interact together when someone accidentally burps just before I take the picture, than arrange you in perfectly coiffed, immaculately manicured rigid poses.

If you like my style of family photography and would like to know more, get in touch any time.