Collectables (2009, IMDb link) is a short film written and directed by Jacob Proctor, starring Christopher Adamson (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Amrita Acharia (Game Of Thrones). I had worked with Jacob before when I did unit stills for his short ‘Mother Time’ a couple of years before, and I knew his DOP on this short, Trevor Speed, from previous jobs, so it was great to be invited along again.

It’s the story of a man who clears rubbish from a railway line one day finding something quite unexpected, and how he chooses to deal with that and was filmed over a couple of days on a disused railway line just outside London.

For me there are three characters – the man, the girl, and the room they are in which is littered with the trinkets and whatnot that the man has found, tagged, cleaned and catalogued. The art department did a wonderful job with the space, which also benefits from the large, dusty window lighting events. It looked so great it would be a hard job making it look bad in a photo.

The pictures only tell part of the story; if you’ve not seen it, check it out at the bottom of the page, below my stills.

london unit stills photographer amrita acharia short film collectables - Collectables (2009)

Collectables from Jacob Proctor on Vimeo.

Best Drama Short Canada International Film Festival (Vancouver)
AIFF Monthly winner, Best Drama Short January 2011.

Written & Directed by Jacob Proctor

Produced by Kate Glover

Christopher Adamson, Amrita Acharia

Cinematography Trevor Speed

Music Samuel Karl Bohn