I was commissioned by Blueshift Coding to create new images to help market their ‘coding camps’ for kids in London. They were looking for new PR photography of the sessions to use in their marketing, especially on Instagram, so I went along for an afternoon.

They had three different classes running, pitched towards three age groups. But even the youngest group gets to do some pretty cool stuff, using tablets to program motion and action into pre-made robots.

The middle group were creating their own game worlds and systems using tools like Roblox, and the oldest group built a simple robot car, then programmed the chip to receive directional instructions from game controllers, so they could then race the cars around a track.

I kept all the images entirely natural, including the company logo in the background of some shots, and making it the focus of others. I also got a few more general shots of the laptops and equipment, both in close-up and arranged with some future graphic design use in mind.

Images have since been appearing regularly on their well-curated and presented Instagram account, showcasing what’s involved in one of Blueshift’s coding camps, and capturing the excitement and fun the kids all have on the day.

Below you can find some examples of my photography on their website, and then a selection of images from the shoot itself.

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