I was commissioned to provide PR photography of an experience event for Benriach Whisky at Waitrose Wine Bar in Kings Cross. Benriach have a pair of whisky products they were promoting that week in Waitrose, and set up a tasting station by the entrance as well as installing prominent Benriach branding at the wine bar itself. But the main attraction was a pair of performances by a piper and two Scottish dancers, courtesy of the team at the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo. The photos were then used for PR placement through press releases and social media mentions.

It was my first time experiencing a Waitrose wine bar, I didn’t realise they actually a few wine bars at certain stores across the country. And it turns out one of my friends actually helped to design the original concept a few years ago before starting her own catering business – small world.

Here’s some of the PR photos from the event – click here for more info about my PR photography and get in touch if you’d like a quote.