Update, November 19th 2018: This post was previously about the lockup bugs I experienced with my Fujifilm X-T3 cameras, but I’ve fixed all my lockups by updating to firmware 1.02. Since installing it I’ve not had one single X-T3 lockup across dozens of shoots. I’m confident now that this particular bug is solved, in 1.02 at least! :)


Original (edited) post, September 30th 2018: I’ve had two Fujifilm X-T3s since launch day. At the time of writing (September 30th 2018) I’ve used them on six shoots and I love the improvements over the X-T2. I’ve posted some my first impressions of actually using the camera for event photography in this post.

The bad news: the X-T3’s firmware 1.01 has lockup issues; the good news: lockups are solved in X-T3 firmware 1.02!

My setup, and the lockups I’ve experienced so far: (update: all fixed for me in 1.02)

• As of today (Sept. 30th 2018) I’ve had the X-T3 ten days and used it on six shoots over 18 hours. I’ve shot around 7750 frames across two cameras, with roughly a 65/35 split usage wise. The most used camera (which normally has a long lens attached, usually the 56mm f/1.2) has, predictably, had the most lockups, but I’m going to swap the bodies over now and see if that balances out the stats.

• I’m using SanDisk Extreme Pro cards, the 90MB/s versions, in both slots and writing raw+JPG to both (backup mode); Power Boost is on; usually using Eye Sensor Mode. I can’t think of any other relevant settings I have on.

• Out of six shoots so I’ve experienced one or more lockups on five of them. Typically only one camera has been affected per shoot, and only once. However, on one occasion a camera locked up five times!

• Of these six shoots I’ve been using the battery grip on both cameras for four of them. Usually I was using two ExPro batteries in the grip and the official Fuji in the body. However, as an experiment one night I loaded a camera with all Fuji batteries to see if the battery brand was relevant, and that’s the one that locked up five times over the course of four hours – several times within minutes of each other, bizarrely.

• The only time I had no lockups I didn’t have the grips attached. However, it was a much shorter and slower paced shoot so I didn’t feel confident I’d solved it. Sure enough, the following night I went without the grips again and experienced one lockup, so the grip doesn’t seem to be a factor.

• on a forum someone asked if my cameras are upside down. Yes, they’re on either my Spider holster or my HoldFast MoneyMaker harness. I don’t see how this could be a problem as these straps and belts are widespread. I’ve also never seen camera makers advising against them, but by all means educate me if it’s a known or possible issue.

So what happens when the Fujifilm X-T3 locks up? (update: in case you missed it above, lockups are fixed by updating to 1.02…)

• When I lift the camera to shoot the EVF is black; the LCD stills shows a live image, sometimes at regular brightness and other times very dark, but there’s no other display shown; and all controls are unresponsive, including the power switch.

• So far the lockup hasn’t happened while actually shooting images. That is, it seems to happen while the camera is idle, and I only notice when I lift it to shoot with. The cameras are set to sleep after 1 minute, leading me to wonder if it’s a bug with sleep mode.

• With the battery grip attached the only fix is to unscrew the grip enough to clear the pins; unfortunately just popping the battery tray doesn’t do anything.

• Without the grip attached all you need to do is pop the battery out. This is quicker than faffing with the grip, getting me back in action in a few seconds. As the X-T3 doesn’t get a significant performance boost from the grip (other than a slightly faster fps on CH mode) I’m tempted to stop using it on shoots where a delay could be deadly, such as a wedding ceremony… /shudder

Conclusions (updated)

If you’re running 1.01 on your Fujifilm X-T3, update to 1.02 or newer as soon as possible, as this should fix any lockup bugs you’ve experienced.


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