Top Secret Page Of Interesting Number-Based Facts From Pop Culture, And Nothing At All To Do With Photography

Well I don’t know how you found yourself here, but this is a handy little page I keep around for my own personal use, where I collect interesting numbers from pop culture and incorporate them into questions for my very own game show, that I play myself at when I find myself at a loose end (like Paddington does sometimes).

What? Doesn’t everybody do that?

How many generations of the Doctor have there been so far?


Or 12 if you don't include the War Doctor.
(Doctor Who)

What is the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?


Courtesy of Deep Thought

(The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy)

How fast does your Delorean need to be going for time travel?

88 miles per hour

Try not to run down any pine trees...
(Back To The Future)

And how much power will you need to make the jump?

1.21 Gigawatts

Great Scott, this is heavy...

(Back To The Future)

Where does London's Greatest Detective live?

221b Baker Street

I meant Sherlock, of course, and not Basil the Great Mouse Detective.
(Sherlock Holmes)

What's the reg number of Kirk & Picard's Enterprise?

NCC 1701

Captain Archer's version was NX-01.

(Star Trek: The Original Series)

How many suns does the desert planet of Tattooine have?


aka the Binary Sunset on John Williams' soundtrack.
(Star Wars 4)

How many Death Stars did the Empire build?


Buy one, get one free?
(Star Wars 4 & 6)

What numbers did they type into the computer on LOST?

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

We have to go back!

How many times did Ross Geller get married?


The one where I've seen every single episode...

According to the sign, what's the population of Twin Peaks?


And falling...
(Twin Peaks)

What series number is the Discovery One's HAL computer?


Open the pod bay doors, HAL...
(2001: A Space Odyssey)