[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ack in the dark ages of 2006 when I set up my website it looked like this (that’s a link to the first version on the Internet Wayback Machine, very cool): a pretty awful logo and galleries of my urban and street photography, portraits of friends, and stills from short films. Every so often I’ve given the place a new lick of digital paint to freshen things up and reflect how my work has evolved. I started working on a new look in October 2014 and today, March 4th 2015, it’s officially ready for it’s close-up!

So what’s new?

This time I started from scratch and looked at my business as well as the website. I focussed (pun intended, sorry!) on what I do best (which always coincides with what I enjoy the most) and how I can give my clients an even better service from booking through to delivery, then tied it all together with a site designed to give the visitor a real feel for what I do when they’re deciding if I’m right for them.

The website you’re already looking at: a little wider, airier and brighter, a cool new menu bar, lots of images, lots of info and testimonials and FAQs and ways to get in touch, and most of all I’ve tried to keep it all down-to-earth and friendly – a bit like me. But as well as the website I’ve got new products and features to show off:

[icon type=”th”] New client galleries

london family photographer
One of my new client galleries. Click to visit the demo!

My online galleries are a big part of the whole experience so I’ve given them a complete revamp – you can check out a demo event gallery here and a demo family gallery here.

They now feature a choice of three layouts (masonry, mosaic, grid), password-protected access, PIN-protected archive downloads, a new Cart system, new Favourites and Sharing buttons, and a responsive web design so they look fantastic on pretty much any web-connected screen-thing you view them on.

I can even set up your gallery in advance so guests can pre-register for an automatic email when it opens, saving you the effort. I’m really pleased with them and I’ve had great feedback from new clients already using them.

[icon type=”mobile-phone”] Smartphone apps

A custom app for iOS, Android and Windows Phones containing up to 40 of your gallery favourites presented in a slick gallery that works offline so you’ll always have them with you. Picking your favourites is really easy – just hit the Favourites button in your gallery and then send the full list to me with a click of a button. And once installed you’re welcome to send as many copies of the app as you like to friends, completely free. Apps are available as an à la carte extra, and included as a complimentary gift with certain album and print purchases.

[icon type=”youtube-play”] Premium slideshows

Nothing like your dad’s tedious holiday slideshows, these are slick production videos of your favourites or a full gallery set to music, like the one you can watch below. I’ll often upload a short preview of my favourites while I’m working on the full gallery, so you’ve got something to keep you going while you wait for the big reveal. And at family presentation sessions we’ll kick off with a video of the full collection, before presenting them as 6×4 proofs to help you choose. They’re available for private clients to purchase as an à la carte extra and are also included with certain album and collection orders

[icon type=”picture-o”] Metallic prints & Alumini wall mounts

I already offer event prints in Lustre and Gloss, but this Metallic finish is a new addition exclusively for larger prints suitable for wall display. It’s best described as “glossier than Gloss, and then some!”, giving your image punchy colours and an eye-catching finish. It costs a little more than a standard Lustre or Gloss print but you’ll notice the difference.

The Alumini range is a contemporary wall product to complement my existing range of canvases. Your image is printed directly onto a sheet of aluminium that sits proud of the wall and really wows with rich, vibrant colours, the perfect choice for your favourite family or wedding portraits.

[icon type=”book”] Heirloom & PhotoBook albums

Some of my gorgeous Heirloom and PhotoBook albums, made to order for all my clients.
Some of my gorgeous Heirloom and PhotoBook albums, made to order for all my clients.

Albums are perfect for collecting all your images in and there’s now a choice of two gorgeous designs, so there’s something to suit every occasion. I have to say I really love designing these, and it’s so satisfying when a client gets in touch months later to let me know how much love their album still gets!

My Heirloom albums are hand-made in Yorkshire by the prestigious Folio Albums and feature 200gsm fine art paper, spreads that open completely flat, luxurious leather covers, and come complete with a cotton bag and presentation box to keep them in.

My PhotoBook albums feature the same stunning flat spreads, but instead use premium Lustre photographic paper and are bound in a glossy photographic hardback cover. There’s more details and loads of pictures on my Albums, Prints and Other Products page.

[icon type=”download”] Digital purchases

For most special occasions I reckon prints and books give you much better value and enjoyment, but if digital is your thing you and your friends, family and guests can now purchase digital archive-quality files in a range of print sizes, directly from the online gallery. I’m also including digital archives in certain packages and collection orders.

[icon type=”check-square-o”] Simple licensing options

Keeping things simple, all my rates now include generous unlimited private and in-house use as standard, with unlimited editorial distribution (with credit) also included for corporate clients. That should cover 95% of my clients’ needs, but if you want to do even more with your images just let me know and I’ll sort you out.

[icon type=”lock”] Backup & archiving

For the first 12 months you can rest easy knowing that if the worst happens and you lose any digital images you’ve purchased, I can provide quick and easy online access to replacements, absolutely free. Even better, corporate clients with multiple galleries can now opt to keep their galleries online indefinitely for easy regular access by their teams.

What do you think?

I’m really excited about the new website and all these new products and services and I spent a long time making sure they all meet the same standards I’d expect if I was my own client, so I’m very proud to present them all here along with my new site design. I really love what I do, and I hope it shows!

Thanks very much for reading, and please do get in touch in the comments or via my form if you’ve got any feedback!