Hardback Photographic Books

Curl up on the sofa with a book of your favourites

I want you to absolutely adore your photographs, and I think you’ll love them even more in your very own book you can pull off the shelf and enjoy whenever you like. Don’t get me wrong, digital files are an excellent backup to have tucked away, and they’re great for social media, but a book gets your favourites off the hard drive and into your hands and gives you something real to enjoy long after the Facebook posts have been forgotten.

I’ll design your book myself using your choice of photos from the gallery, and we’ll work together to get it just right – so the hardest bit for you is choosing your favourites! Then the finished layouts are printed on thick sheets of textured Lustre photopaper, designed to open flat with no binding seam up the middle, and they’re bound in hardback with a glossy cover to make the perfect coffee-table photo album, unlike anything you’ll find in the high street.

“The album was safely received this afternoon, it is really beautiful and a work of art! Thanks very much for all of your attention, it’s been a pleasure meeting you!”Jeremy Barrett | 60th Birthday Dinner
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How we’ll make your book

1. You choose your favourites

The hardest bit of the whole process! Login to your gallery and select your favourites, then email me the list from the Favourites tab. How many photos to pick? Well, I reckon 80-120 is probably perfect for most people, but if it’s too hard to choose you can have up to 240!

2. I design the book for you

I’ll get started on all the hard work of designing the layouts for you (don’t feel too bad for me, I actually love it!), and a week or so later I’ll upload the finished draft for your approval. You’re welcome to suggest changes, such as swapping photos around, or switching with different choices, and every album includes up to three drafts to make sure you’re totally happy.

3. That’s it!

Once the design is all finalised I’ll send the layouts to be printed and bound. A few weeks later your finished book will be sent back to me and I’ll check it over, wrap it up for personally, and send it out for delivery by courier (usually DPD). And then it’s all yours to enjoy whenever you like for years to come. Couldn’t be easier!

“What a pleasure it’s been working with you – you couldn’t have been more helpful and I’m sure Mum will be delighted when she gets the album!”Elizabeth Sugarman | 90th Birthday Dinner
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