A bit about me

I’m Owen, a Glaswegian in London, and I love making photographs of families and friends living their lives and lost in the moment, photos they’ll love and cherish forever.

I bought my first ‘proper’ camera in 2005 and I’ve been shooting professionally since 2007 on everything from movie stills to food photography. It’s all been great fun, but my passion is for stylish, documentary photography for families and individuals, making images that will be loved and looked at for years, instead of uploaded to Facebook and forgotten.

Most importantly, I’ve learned you could take me anywhere and put a camera in my hands, and I’d be happy.

I grew up in Glasgow in a creative family with a crate overflowing with actual 1980s Spaceman Lego and shelves full of novels, encyclopaedias and Asterix books. Then in 1985 my dad brought home an Apple Macintosh 128K computer and my nine-year-old mind was blown – the things you could do with Mac Paint alone! My parents endured years of me making neighbourhood newspapers on that computer, none of which ever made it out the front door of course, but I just loved making them.

In the 80s we had one of these brilliant Fisher Price Kodak cameras with the rubber ends so it would bounce if you dropped it (lots of pictures of feet, I expect) and by the 90s I’d graduated to Canon’s ‘point-n-shoot’ Quickshot range (lots of pictures in student digs and pubs, funnily enough). I enjoyed the freedom and relative cheapness of digital, but the technology was still primitive and I was too into making bad electronic music at the time anyway.

So in 2005 I bought a Nikon D70 and started my own photoblog called my glass eye to give myself motivation to learn the camera and how to use Photoshop. A couple of years later I got my first paid job from a chef friend, producing a photographic logo for his new restaurant. Then came TV and film publicity, portraits, food photography, weddings, and family events, and before I knew it photography wasn’t just a passion but a growing business that I was actually pretty good at (he said, modestly).

When I’m not carrying a stills camera I’m also a TV camera operator with almost fifteen years experience on shows ranging from Saturday Kitchen to Sunday Brunch* via Mel & Sue. One way or another it’s hard to find me without a camera somewhere nearby, and I’m very lucky to be able to say I love my job!

* Let’s just say I don’t go hungry on the job…